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Dancing Cows!


This weekend we have had our dancing shoes on and partnered up with cows, birds and Daughters of Farah! Allison Denholm from Nottingham City Arts and Mariana Whitehouse and Claire Horton from Mandinga have been working together this weekend for ArtReach, Night of Festivals 2012, with the dance groups for the carnival. Marianna Mandinga’s dance co-ordinator, held workshops teaching the groups the dance moves. Watching the girls in the amazing bright red bird costumes rehearsing this up- beat dance, they were quick on their feet and it filled the room with exciting carnival spirit.

Sunday the cow costumes were used, they were great to watch, especially with the large sized cow heads on top of the dancer’s heads. One of the dance moves in particular was brilliant and had us all laughing. We were stood in line with the cow heads on, and to the beat of the music we took three steps forward, and cocked our heads to the side, similar to Michael Jackson’s thriller video. It was something you wouldn’t expect, as they were dressed as cows which made it almost creepy, yet full of humour. Mandinga was a lot of fun and rehearsed some amazing work this weekend, can’t wait to see all the colourful costumes and characters together in action.

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