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Art Exhibitions

Night of Festivals South Asia has commissioned some new and cutting edge visual arts as part of the festival, by artists Nayan Kulkarni and Kashif Nadim Chaudry.


By Kashif Nadim Chaudry

In partnership with An Indian Summer

14 - 19 August 10am - 5pm

The Lightbox Gallery, LCB Depot, Rutland St, LE1 1RE

Partition was monumental; the largest mass migration of people ever, the figures, the facts, the statistics are horrific and unbelievably complex. Nadim Chaudry’s installation is born out of a need to acknowledge this and also to pay homage to the quagmire of this ungodly event. Partition for Nadim is about belonging, it is about the search for a homeland, it is about Zameen.


By Nayan Kulkarni

Weds 16 August 2pm - 5.30pm

Thurs 17 - Sat 19 August 11am - 5.30pm

The Bank Vaults, ISKCON Building, 31 Granby Street,


An exceptional new visual and sonic commission from acclimed international artist Nayan Kulkarni.

Maroon is inspired by the multiple implications created in the moment of India and Pakistan independence. The installation has been developed from personal and family memories of migration, return and tradition.

This installation is not to be missed!

Artist Talk

Wed 16 August 4pm - 5pm

Book your space at the artist talk via Eventbrite here.

Please note: Accessibility to the exhibition space is via stairs. There will be a digital display of the exhibition in the ISKCON Building main hall for those that cannot access the vaults.

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