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Sowing Seeds Allotment Project was set up in 2010 in collaboration with Groundwork and the Refugee Council. The land of the allotment was previously abandoned, but thanks to the Sowing Seeds Allotment Project, it is now floroushing. The group wrote wonderful poems for the heritage project which you can read below. 

Colorful windmills, dream-catchers and scarecrows, and Molly Mop the hen hopping from plot to plot.

Allotments are a heaven for all!


A world apart from the bygone days,

Of old men and string beans rows on rows,

Now a quirky sharing space,

Fruit, flowers, and stories of life in a faraway place.


Fun social days, with joy for all

Watching from a far, foxes and cubs,

Birds tweeting, bbq smoke in the air,

Swapping stories and vegetables, multicultural hubs.


Allotments are a heaven for all,

a haven for cultures to mix, 

and a haven for friendship. 


By Marion Firman and Joy Lunn

(Plot 42, Hounslow Avenue Allotments)

On the plot we do a lot

watering is the name of the game and weeding is the same.


Tasks that resemble my life,

removing negative strife and

replacing them with seeds of life.


Hope and enjoyment far from concrete and cement, instead potatoes, leeks and thyme to celebrate.


Coffee breaks and biscuit too, time to be social, to chat, listen and share a laugh or two.


Allotment Life is reaping the positive seeds we sow, to grow and grow and grow.


By Sowing Seeds Allotment Project

(Plot 44, Hounslow Avenue Allotments)

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