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FREEDOM - 2015/2016

Led by ArtReach, the FREEDOM project was a collaborative European programme delivered through Night of Festivals to celebrate the values of freedom and democracy through artistic innovation.


FREEDOM is built on the idea that artists are often a catalyst for change and also tend to be persecuted when freedom is not in place. By comissioning artists, we hope to stimulate thinking and debate on the current state of freedom and democracy in Europe. By encouraging individual participation, FREEDOM also engages ideas and reflections on a very personal level.

The European partnership comprised of Artreach (UK), HausDrei (Germany) and the FabriC Association (Bulgaria). In addition the Fundacion OBOS and the Romanian Cultural Institute were supporting delivery partners. 


The FREEDOM partnership has delivered artistic presentations in the UK, Bulgaria and Germany:


2-4 October 2015 - Night of Festivals SPECIAL EDITION Leicester (UK)


12-14 May 2016 – Pop-Up project at Gabrovo Carnival, Gabrovo (Bulgaria)


1-3 July 2016 - Pop-Up project at STAMP Festival, Hamburg (Germany) 


6-7 August 2016 - Night of Festivals, London (UK)


See 360 Degree video of London Night of Festivals:

FREEDOM project events provided a platform for collaborative artistic practice, which focused on three exciting and cutting-edge ingredients, these were:



1.  Night-Time Lit Carnival Performances:

The Night-time Carnival events were a collaboration between Mandinga Arts, Stelzen Arts and Oakleaf Creativity, with direction from Tom Lanzki. Each event involved a lit carnival procession with colour changing costumes, stilt performers and a narrative to highlight the Night of Festivals FREEDOM theme.



2. A Freedom Wall Installation:
Freedom Wall was both a physical and digital project ( with artists and community participants interpreting their own thoughts about freedom and democracy through urban art.


3. The Plinth Programme:
The Plinth Programme was a cutting-edge visual arts project involving artists from the UK (Richard Layzell), Bulgaria (Georgi Balabanov), Germany (Petra Kilian) and Romania (Lea Rasovzsky), creating work for temporary “plinth” installations as part of Night of Festivals.  




FREEDOM's artistic ingredients were designed for their visual aesthetic, but also provided participatory elements for audiences and community members. By stimulating artistic engagement and debate from multi-national audiences, we aimed to raise questions and to celebrate the important themes of freedom and democracy in modern Europe.

Freedom Wall Installation: Night of Festivals SPECIAL EDITION Leicester
Night-time Carnival: Stelzen Arts and Oakleaf Creativity
The Plinth Project: Lea Rasovszky's "Be the Change"
European Partners in the FREEDOM project
HausDrei (Hamburg, Germany)

HausDrei is an organisation that aims to create social cohesion in the local community by promoting tolerance and multiculturalism. This is achieved by allowing all members of society to express and share their artistic creativity. 


HausDrei offers a variety of 'in-house' events and cultural experiences - including the organisation of the STAMP Festival, that hosted the FREEDOM project from 1-3 July 2016. 

FabriC (Sofia, Bulgaria)


The FabriC Regional Cultural centre strives for the social and cultural development of north & central Bulgaria by supporting independent artists and local organisations.


FabriC play an important role in promoting the culture and heritage of northern and central Bulgaria - in 2014, FabriC led the application and campaign for Veliko/Tarnovo to be the Bulgarian candidate for European Capital of Culture.


FabriC is also involved in the delivery of the annual Gabrovo Carnival, which hosted the FREEDOM project from 12-14 May 2016. 

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