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Community researchers have been working with Hounslow’s Local Studies Department to reveal the people, places and stories that make the town tick. Read a brief exploration of Hounslow's rich cultural Heritage in this online version of our POP-UP MUSEUM.

From Friars to Fairs

The Exhibition

Learn about this community exhibition on Hounslow's rich history here.

Hounslow Heath and Gunpowder Mills

Learn about Hounslow's important role in the gunpowder production up until 1926 here.

The Urban Agricultural Expansion

Hounslow became a central place for aviation, with some great exploits that you can discover here.

From the Bronze Age to the Anglo-Saxons

Find out about the early settlements and where Hounslow got its name from here.

The Age of the Stage Coaches

Hounslow was an important stopping point for stage coaches. Find out more here.

SAGAR Ladies

Meet the SAGAR Ladies and learn more about their stories here.

Friars and the Trinitarian Church

Find out about the town of Hounslow and the development of the fair here.

The Industrial Age

The industrial age brought shops, railway stations and better education to Hounslow. Find out more here.

The Allotment Group

Read the poems made by the Allotment Group and see pictures of the allotments here.

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