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LIBERTY UK is the new lease of life for ArtReach's Night of Festivals.

Night of Festivals was a series of fabulous weekends filled with vibrant, provocative and entertaining  outdoor arts, carnival, live music, creative arts and cultural events which “celebrated the values of freedom and democracy through great art”.

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The Festival ‘popped-up’ in Nottingham, Leicester, Barking, Slough, Boston (Lincs), Lincoln and London. In 2012 Night of Festivals was part of the London Festival and Cultural Olympiad to mark the London 2012 Olympics. It has been a regular annual feature to animate the centre of Hounslow and in 2016 and 2018 graced the South Bank in London, using the iconic sites adjacent to Tower Bridge and in Bernie Spain Gardens near the OXO Tower building and Southbank centre. In 2017 a special week-long Night of Festivals South Asia in Leicester city centre helped mark the 70th anniversary of Indian and Pakistan independence.


LIBERTY UK will bring a new approach to the values of celebrating 'Freedom and Democracy' for the new decade ahead.​

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​In response to an overwhelming shift in public discourse surrounding the immediate and palpable fragility of social and political freedoms, 

LIBERTY UK  seeks to take ArtReach and it’s work a step closer to front line of democratic action and build projects and programmes that look directly at some of today's most urgent, and sometimes uncomfortable,

socio-political issues.

Visit LIBERTY UK FESTIVAL to see the plans for 2020.

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