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How to participate in Night of Festivals

Want to be part of Night of Festivals? 


Carnival and street art participants are at the core of every Night of Festivals event. Suited and booted in vibrant costumes, created by the world-renowned Mandinga Arts, you will take part in scheduled processions, accompanied by energetic live music. Suitable for all experience levels, carnival and street art participants can interact with the crowd, or just join in with the party atmosphere!


Participation usually requires you to be available for rehearsals over a set time before each event weekend. This won't take too much of your time, but we ask people to be dedicated, hardworking and most importantly, to have fun!


Suitable for young people and adult of all abilities.


If you are a ready-made group, perfect!  

Interested? Contact for more details.

Carnival Skeletons by Mandinga


Kinetika Visual Arts Workshop

Night of Festivals works with different artists in every location. The artists we work with share our ethos of meeting and involving the local community and celebrating the values of freedom and democracy. Many of the arts-based workshops enable participants and local artists to contribute to installations and exhibitions that become part of a Night of Festivals event. 


For Night of Festivals Hounslow 2019, we’re working with artist Rebecca Harvey-Hobbs. Rebecca has been working with local community groups to create a series of temporary sculptures for Bell Square. Using mindfulness techniques and other 'SIMPLE TOOLS' Rebecca will help participants and festival audiences add to the installations, creating a growing and changing artwork over the festival weekend.

Interested? Contact for more details.


Festivals are a lively and busy operation, and we are always keen to offer local people the chance to connect, engage and to pick up some new skills, contributing to the event that is happening on their doorstep!


These roles include Festival Steward, Carnival Assistant, Assistant Stage Manager, Heritage Champion, Arts & Event Assistant and Local Promoter/Champion.


If you want to gain some experience or give a helping hand but are not sure where you could fit in? Get in touch and we’ll help you work that out.

Interested? Contact for more details.

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