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Lincoln Night of Festivals 2015

On the 13th and 14th June 2015, ArtReach and Mandinga Arts held vibrant and exciting carnival celebrations throughout the City of Lincoln. Giant Skeletons, Sexy Cows and Bulls, and the heart-pounding percussive soundtrack of Sabar Soundsystem enlivened the streets of Lincoln, with many Lincolnites not only joining in with the street dancing and impromptu conga lines but also taking costume themselves and joining the ranks of dancing frogs, birds and pigs!!!

Carnival Performers invade a shop in Lincoln

The 15th June was the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. The Kinetika designed giant King John puppet and accompanying giant scroll and seal were led through the streets of Lincoln by schoolchildren from St. Francis Special School and Lincoln Castle Academy. Finally the procession made its way to Lincoln Castle where it was met with a smaller King John and Magna Carta cake.

His Grace, King John greets his subjects of the City of Lincoln

The Magna Carta-oon features comic strips created by the children of Lincoln City during workshops with Beano and Marvel Comics strip creator Kev Sutherland. Stories include ‘Freedom for Mice’ and ‘The Selfie Theft of the Magna Carta’!

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