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Catch the first glimpse of our “Freedom Wall Project” at Night of Festivals Leicester!

Audiences at our upcoming Night of Festivals SPECIAL EDITION event in Leicester will be the first to see, and take part in, our innovative new “Freedom Wall project” – which will provide an incredible opportunity for wide artistic community engagement on the issues of freedom and democracy.

Night of Festivals SPECIAL EDITION Leicester is part of a whole series of presentations developed by the “FREEDOM Project” – a collaborative European partnership that provides a response to the values of freedom and democracy through artistic innovation.

The ‘Freedom Wall’ (one of three new artistic strands designed by the FREEDOM project) is designed to showcase the creative ideas of community groups and individuals, illustrating what freedom and democracy means to them. For Night of Festivals Leicester, a series of giant 3D letters spelling ‘Freedom Wall’ will be installed at the FanZone in Victoria Park. A series of fun creative workshops will then be held on the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th October, where participants can ‘graffitti’ comment and design their own personal ideas about what freedom and democracy means to them. For those with more artistic confidence, partcipants can also design, decorate and install their their own intricate ‘tiles’ for presentation on the Freedom Wall.

In addition to our on-site workshops, a complimentary on-line project called the ‘digital freedom wall’ will exhibit an exquisite selection of digital urban-art. If you are a keen and inventive artist, please visit for details on how you can submit your design, drawing or image.

Night of Festivals SPECIAL EDITION Leiceister is set to be the perfect cultural centrepiece for the Rugby World Cup fixtures in the city, and will provide a fantastic free family treat for all audience members. For more details of the event, please visit our 2015 page:!about1/c1hyc

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