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Success in Bulgaria!

Despite some stormy weather the Night of Festivals event in Gabrovo, Bulgaria was a huge success from 14th -16th May, culminating with the FREEDOM Night Time Lit Carnival.

Hosted by ArtReach’s Bulgarian partner FabriC, artists from Mandinga Arts (UK), Stelzen-Art (Germany) and Oakleaf Creativity (Germany) joined Bulgarian musicians, visual artists and young participants to create an extraordinary event for the town of Gabrovo.

The event culminated with the FREEDOM Night Time Lit Carnival on Monday evening, seen by thousands in the Gabrovo town square, and including ten Bulgarian young people who had learnt to walk and successfully perform on stilts in just two days!

In addition to the presentation of visual artwork by local artist Giorgi Balabanov, the FREEDOM project also commissioned Sunshine Arts, through FabriC, to create a 100 metre long permanent urban art piece as part of the Freedom Wall strand of the programme. UK artist Richard Layzell also performed his Speaker’s Corner live art piece, in collaboration with carnival artists, creating a quirky and captivating street art presentation.

The next European stop for Night of Festivals and its Europe funded FREEDOM programme will be Hamburg in July. In the meantime Night of Festivals will next be seen in the UK in London Borough of Hounslow in June.

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