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Night of Festivals Named a Top European Film Festival for 2017

Europe is an epicenter for must-visit festivals. It’s no secret that Europe is the place to be during the summer film festival season, and the travel experts at Canada’s leading online travel agency, Flight Network, have taken notice.

Flight Network’s team of intrepid travelers and industry experts spent months researching and traveling throughout Europe in search of the festivals that must be visited this year. Their goal was to introduce their festival loving travelers, as well as travelers already planning to visit Europe in 2017, to the festivals that offer the best films, coolest venues, most exciting parties, and in many cases, the most interesting missions.

We were proud to find Night of Festivals at No. 6 on this list. Flight Network’s team praised Night of Festivals for being, “Much more than your typical festival.” They encouraged their customers to experience the films, dancing, street art and live music that have made our festival so anticipated by those who have been in the past. They also enjoyed that our upcoming festival, set to take place from Aug. 14-19, in Leicester, will be free and open to the public.

“Night of Festivals South Asia is a must-do, and its films are a must-see celebration of South Asian culture,” Flight Network stated, and we couldn’t agree more.

The Outdoor Cinema is part of Night of Festivals South Asia and will screen the Bollywood Classic Dilwale DulhaniaLe Jayenge on Friday 18th August at 8.45pm. Settle down on a balmy summer evening and be transported to the depths of India for a film that will get you bhangra dancing as the sun goes down. In partnership with Inspirate.

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