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Night of Festivals Hounslow was a success!

Night of Festivals took place in Hounslow on 9-10 June 2018 and was a great success! We were delighted to see the return of a great carnival, to welcome artists performing live dance and music and to see the addition of a pop-up museum on Hounslow's rich history. We would like to thank:

Inspire Hounslow; The Big Lottery Fund; Heritage Lottery Fund; Feltham Arts; London Borough of Hounslow; Lampton 360

Treaty Centre; The Arts Centre; Holy Trinity Church; James Marshall; Sonia Ferdousi; Aretha, Tim and Neha from London Borough of Hounslow; Miguel, Mia, Ella, Stephanie and everyone at Mandinga Arts; Sabar Sounds; Speak Out in Hounslow and the wonderful Terri Kember; Kuldip and The Hub; SAGAR Ladies; Charlene & Alluminae Dane Company; Filip Harding; Jason Sykes; The other Terri and Tale be Told; Rani and everyone from the Tamil Foundation

4x4 Bhangra; Strizzy Strauss & Starboy SunSun (16Ten; Iryna Muha; Gurdain Rayatt; Namvula; Amrit Kaur; MML Dohl Beats UK; Bhangra Punjabian Da; Talia Dean and her incredible band.

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